Affliction Rising MC

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 "Great minds have purposes - others have wishes. Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortunes, but great minds rise above them."

Affliction Rising MC came together as a group of men and women in Second Life that share the same ideals about friends and family.  They formed a brother and sisterhood based on the ideals of operating as a democracy, charitable when needed, and diplomatic when necessary. We as a whole believe that it’s not blood but the heart that makes us brothers and sisters. 

Affliction Rising MC is not a “warring MC” we believe that approaching things in a diplomatic way beats approaching with our swords drawn and ready to draw blood – Remember “The tongue is mightier then the sword” .  Let it be known however when pushed too far and all other options have been exhausted we will defend our club, our brothers, and our sisters with due diligence.

Affliction Rising MC is actively recruiting, looking for men and women that share the same ideals set forth by the “First Few” and founding members of this MC.  If you want more information please sign up to this website or contact one of our recruiters in Second Life for more information or use our contact form on this website.